Herb Walk; Explore the world of healing herbs

Herb Walk; Explore the world of healing herbs

Saturday 11 August 2018, 4–5.30pm V22 Louise House

Come and join Blazena Sejirmanova on an exploration of healing herbs and their properties. We will talk about how different parts of herbs are used medicinally and a variety of preparations that can be made and used. We will conclude with a quick demonstration on how to make your own natural hair rinse, for shiny hair!  

Suggested donation: £5

Anyone under the age of 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult. 

Blazena Sejirmanova is a qualified herbal practitioner, having completing her BSc in Herbal Medicine at the University of Westminster. Blazena's passion for plant kingdom has been with her ever since she could remember. Having grown up in a small village in Slovakia, she was fortunate to spend time exploring nature, and was always fascinated with how plants work and affect the body. 

Please note:
- The information shared is for general knowledge only and should not be used to treat any medical conditions referred to. No liability is accepted for any independent actions taken or not taken as a result of information provided on this walk.
- Ingestion of any plant material is done completely at your own risk. If you are pregnant or may be pregnant you are advised against eating any wild plants. 

Blazena Sejirmanova

Venue info

V22 Louise House

Dartmouth Road
Forest Hill
SE23 3HZ

(Between Forest Hill Pools and Forest Hill Library)

Overground: Forest Hill
Bus: 122, 176, 197