Four Points

Foghorns at Lizard Point

Four Points

Sunday 14 August 2016, 12–6pm V22 Louise House

Four Points is a collection of compositions created from recordings made at each of Britain's extreme geographical points. Although these locations are all coastal, their distance from each other clearly presents distinct sonic individualities that are expressed through various environmental factors. The sea surrounds this land we call home, and it never sounds the same in any two places. By demonstrating this inherent diversity within our coastal soundscape the artist hopes to urge the listener to pay greater attention to the ever-changing sounds that surround them.

Mola is an American-born sound artist, currently residing in London. His work primarily involves field recording practices to investigate how our soundscape is affected through distance (be that of space or time), and to further challenge the idea of what constitutes music.

Dunnet Head (3:26)
Lowestoft Ness (5:08)
Lizard Point (7:11)
Corrachadh Mòr (2:46)


Venue info

V22 Louise House

Dartmouth Road
Forest Hill
SE23 3HZ

(Between Forest Hill Pools and Forest Hill Library)

Overground: Forest Hill
Bus: 122, 176, 197