If We Can Dance Together, Rhys Coren , 2013

Rhys Coren
If We Can Dance Together


Year: 2013
Medium: Looped animations and audio
Dimensions: variable

Born 1983 in Plymouth, Rhys Coren lives and works in London. Rhys Coren has graduated from Royal Academy Schools, London (2016) and he has exhibited in galleries including SPACE, Seventeen Gallery and The Sunday Painter, London; Motorcade/FlashParade, Bristol; Aid & Abet, Cambridge; Grand Union, Birmingham; Gloria Maria Gallery, Milan; RISE, Berlin; and 319 Scholes, New York.

Rhys Coren

Fold Gallery

Studio Leigh

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Events Rhys Coren

Young London 2013

15 September to 3 November 2013, 12–6pm