Artists’ Studio Buildings

Artists’ Studio Buildings

V22 currently runs ten studio buildings across London, providing affordable workspace for artists and selected creative enterprises. 

We believe that the wide provision of affordable artists’ studios in London is one of the reasons this city is the world’s art capital.  This not only directly benefits the creative economy, but also the growth of the city itself.

Typically however, art studio buildings are in a constant state of crisis, being temporary, provisional, and subject to the vagaries of urban development processes.  V22 believes that the norm for studios to be considered an indirect method of priming buildings and areas for redevelopment, must be challenged. It is unjust to artists, and deleterious to the communities in which they work and settle, that they are so often displaced by the regeneration cycles that they have played a crucial role in stimulating.

V22 aims to secure a more permanent property portfolio to complement its art collection and to ensure that artists will continue to have a settled place to work in central areas of cities.

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