V22 Communities

V22 Communities

V22 currently runs four community libraries. Many libraries have been closed or depleted across the country amid devastating cuts in previous years. V22, in partnership with Lewisham Library Services and local residents and groups, have returned Forest Hill Library, Manor House Library, Crofton Park and Sydenham Library to a full service, and have built on many of the services previously offered. These include events for children, facilities for jobseekers and activities for pensioners, as well as renewing the IT infrastructure. We are looking forward to building a specialist art library in Forest Hill in the near future. 

The community projects and education programmes which we continue to initiate are ways to learn about the areas in which we operate – both geographic and intellectual.

Manor House Library

Forest Hill Library

Crofton Park Library

Sydenham Library

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V22 Communities is a registered charity (charity number 1180229).
You can view more information about the charity here.