V22 Ownership

V22 is a shared ownership art organisation that specialises in the collection of contemporary art, the production of exhibitions, events and educational initiatives, and the provision of artists’ studio, workspaces and artisans’ workshops. Previously publicly listed, owned by artists and investor-patrons, this innovative shared-ownership model enables participation in patronage at all levels and allows artists to retain a stake in their work and that of their contemporaries. V22 is made up of 3 complimentary companies:

V22 Limited (formerly plc): owns the art collection; growing shareholder base of artists and investor-patrons

V22 London Ltd: wholly-owned subsidiary of V22 Limited; manages ten buildings in London; provides affordable studio space to artists and artisans; promotes and manages the V22 Collection

V22 Foundation: supported by the wider V22 Group, but independent; runs aspects of the public programme; delivers community projects and develops educational initiatives